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Why should you move your IT to the cloud

Hi all

In the XIVth century people were hesitant to move their gold and money into the newly created banks. Today your money is in a bank, full stop.

In the XXIst century people are hesitant to move their digital gold (aka data) into the newly created cloud. Tomorrow your data will be in the cloud, full stop.

As banks have evolved in a multitude of services, products and clients so will the cloud and its services.

Today Google, Microsoft and other have a lots of users data offered directly by the users, in the future this data will have a price, interests and possibly a stock exchange. Providers of good data will have a special status and data driven decision will be standard.

Security will be very high, hacking will be like robberies, infrequent, punished by law and insured.

The real danger will come from three main factors:
  1. Common sense will be less and less valued
  2. Computer are based on electricity, who control electricity controls the data (but that is already the case, only worst)
  3. Data borders will be enforced for tax reasons, cyberwar and legislation/culture of countries.
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