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Learning DevOps - day 2 - Amazon certification

This is day 2 of me trying to get back in technical shape after some years focusing more on sales, people and money. The first article is available here.

If I'm to learn something, better get a piece of paper in the process. So I decided to get the Amazon certifiations.

Current certifications (as of 2nd of September 2017)

I plan to have as many as possible and this is my choosen order of obtention

  1. Certified SysOps Admin Associate - Useful links
  2. Certified Solution architect Associate - Useful links
  3. Certified Developer Associate - Useful links
  4. Certified DevOps Eng Pro - Useful links
  5. Certified Solution architect Pro - Useful links
In particular I find that the Self Preparation Labs are cool (at least the one I did) 
In the lab I'm following the SysOps Administrator - Associate - Full time estimate of 6 hours
The lab costs lots of money so I moved to Udemy which was a $15 for the full 9.5h lessons.

I've schedule my exam for the 12th of September 2017. Wish me luck.