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This a technical blog, the more human one is frankcontrepois,com

Hi, this is a technical blog , for the real thing

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Hi everyone

In this previous post I list my values, sharing is among those.
I feel particularly proud of my the balance and the harmony of my life and I want to share how you can achieve it in a dedicated blog.

By Jaime Fearer –

The first post is here and it's not yet available to the public, because I need your help, as privileged editors. Please review and comment for the blog to start with the right foot.

Don't be shy, comment on typos; graphics; why you'll (or will not) follow it; which topics you'd like to see discussed.

"The moving thinking tank" will continue to exist as a representation of all the ideas, technicalities and curiosities I've in my brain.

Thank you


How to use the recall message feature in Outlook

Only works if you're fast and everyone is on an Exchange server.
It allows you to:

  1. Delete an e-mail sent by mistake (recall)
  2. Change the content of an e-mail with a new one (recall and substitute)
If the recipient is not using exchange then he/she will receive a short message saying "<your name> would like to recall this e-mail" potentially attracting even more attention.

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