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Today I'm going in France to see my sister and going at a cousin's wedding :)
I'll be back online on monday and post my week end thoughts
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Kindle and Wallet day

Today my new Kindle arrived :) it's great!!! My shinebook looks so old now.
I really love the idea to be able to connect to my mail everywhere in the world, even if it's on a slow black and white screen.

My new really thin wallet is here also (xmas before time) ! nice place to go

As I was getting mad about the sync with nozbe on Gtdroid I choose to concentrate on  doing a good GTD app and then add the nozbe integration.

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Nozbe features website

Nozbe is a really really good piece of software and it's STABLE and that's a feature that I love. But sometime I need something even in alfa or beta that just do a specific work and nothing else ( no options, no sorting ... ) . 

So here is my idea, what do you think if I create a website that provides new nozbe features but knowing that it's not fully tested.

For example, I now would like to have the list of project available for printing so I can review it from anywhere and with the api this is easily done.

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What "create/activate a new service" implies on the sysadmin world

So you've been asked by you boss to  "just setup a webserver for the departement X". For the Boss this is not only an easy task but also a fast one t0 be done. 
YOU as a good sysadmin knows that in 3 month this "temporary" webserver will be THE webserver of project XYZ and will be mission-critical ( nobodies knows of which mission, but who cares)  !!!! 

So to be on the safe side remember your boss (and yourself) that a single service MUST include:
  1. Way to startup/Shutdown in an autonomous way. /etc/init.d scripts...
  2. A Backup procedure and a restore procedure for all the data that cannot be installed from a package/compilation
  3. Monitoring of the service (for external webservers I use
  4. Some graphs to be able to reply: "it's fast/slow like always" 
  5. Might want some tuning to keep it slow and not dead. Slow server are working server so nobody can really complain about it.
  6. A documentation with a least how to connect and how to configure the preceding bullets.
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[GTD] Brainstorming about myself 30.000 ft thinking

This morning preparing for a presentation about me, I decide to apply GTD project methodology to it.

I enter a big "Me" at the center. Then I start to mindmap my thoughts. This ends but being higher than 30.000 feets as my private life was integrated in the thinking. So I finish the first version of this mindmap, take a picture of the whiteboard.

I restart using "Me & Systems" as a starting point and things get more focused.
The mindmap is divides in

  • "what can I do" on the left 
  • "on what" on the right 

The little green sign means that I've a certification for the element.

Obviously I'm not limited to those systems, I've worked on a lot on things connected to those so for example my knowledge of network and storage is quite good but not enough to be in this diagram.

This is a first version, hopefully tomorrow I'll add and remove stuff in here

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Working on Gtdroid 2.

I'm having some trouble with the sync of gtdroid and nozbe. But today I manage to simplify everything and to have only one create, one update and one delete method usable for tasks, contexts and project.

I also prepare myself for tomorrow since I've:

  • A migration from housing to cloud of a relativly big portal
  • A meeting for sysadmin work
  • A discussion about one of my new projects (see below).
Check it out at The service is free.

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Gtd project management

As part of my implementation of GTD I just create a "powerful" word document to help me think about a project the GTD way.

Every project file MUST have a printed version of this document.


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Trying to be known

Today as part of my introspection - triggered by the re-reading of GTD - I decide to improve my "fame" on the internet.

After creating Gtdroid ( a gui of nozbe on android phones) I stated receiving mails from users and my ego just skyrocket, this push me to continue the development of what was born as an August crazyness.

To feel that again I decide to:
  • Continue to improve Gtdroid
  • Blog once per day using 15 minute maximum about thinks I learn the same day
  • Answer questions on experts-exchange once per day
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Postgresql 9.0

I alway loved PostgreSQL. With triggers, view, rules (query rewriting), Wal ecc.....
Now hot-stanby, Streaming replication. I'm in love .... again with it.'s_new_in_PostgreSQL_9.0



Gtdroid 2.0 instead of 1.2

In the end I'm rewriting almost all of Gtdroid. So it's going to be called 2.0 :-)

Gtdroid 2.0 will have:

  • Full offline work
  • Full sync with nozbe (Thanks Michael and Team)
  • Actions are not limited to name, project, context. Almost all that you have on nozbe is available.
  • Much faster
I'm a GTD fan and with gtdroid I'm creating my missing link between my mobility and the tools I choose (nozbe)



Sort and crash

This morning I've got a action sort bug solved. In particular configuration it could completly crash Gtdroid on start.


Gtdroid 1.2 Diarie

Today I work out 9 hours on Gtdroid 1.2.
The main idea was to integrate the nozbe api on the 1.1 version but it end out being an almost complete rewriting of the 1.1 version.
I'm not going to call it 2.0 since for the users the gui will be almost the same.

The main features of 1.2 are:

  1. All action can be done offline
  2. Sync is bi-directional so in one step gtdroid sends all modifications and receive the modifications done from the web interface.
  3. Sync is fast, less than 10 seconds (180 seconds during beta, 40 on 1.1)
  4. New features will be released in a faster way as I don't have to do reverse engineering
Today I implemented the full sync with nozbe, the list and filtering by context and project plus a - hopfully- better way to handle exceptions.



Gtdroid philosophy

Hi, just to explain the priorities behind Gtdroid.
It’s a GTD app so actions are THE priority.
Gtdroid is for road runner -like me- and so the core of the app includes:

  • see my next actions immediately and mark them as done/undone
  • filter them by context, project, next action, all of them together
  • catch ideas on the road with new action and new project
  • sync with nozbe
Second level includes:

  • toggle next action (thanks nozbe team to allow me to use your star images)
  • Change of context and projects for action
  • delete actions
  • show notes
Future releases:

  • show files
  • connect with dropbox url
  • connect to evernote app if possibile
  • ... ideas are welcome …

The new API given me will change my roadmap. Now I need to re-implement my nozbe API using their API (more efficient and simple).
Version 1.2 will probably have same capabilities of 1.1 but using the nozbe api.

The free version is now outdated.

Fell free to contact me. I’ll answer as soon as possibile

Frank Contrepois