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Backstage of the Moving think tank - Sections and mindmap

I write this blog because  I love Sharing and it's also one of my values. I want to share the positive things, the experiences and new discoveries.

Every Friday I'll post something, might be long, might be short, but I'll write on Friday.

Ideas of sections and topics are organized as a mindmap 

Here is an explanation of every section and what I might write about. If you', my readers have preferences, please write it in a comment.

Reading Info is a section about pairs of posts about article in newpapers. One post is for what I think the article will talk about from the title and the second post will be about what are my comments and correction after reading the article.

Honesty. I really care about Honesty because I've been honest in a country where dishonesty is rewarded. I truly believe that a honest company has a competitive advantage, so I'm investigating various business model around honesty.

Work, should be called technical, it's all the ideas and thoughts coming while at work or related to work. By being in Virtustream, those thoughts are often around cloud, security and consumption based computing 

Thinking is the big catchall bucket of ideas. 
  • At the moment I've interesting post around  how to better know your personality, in particular the "MBIT" method. 
  • I have some fun thinking about how we dress and which combinations of dress are standard (shirt and jeans) which are ok (Jacket and jeans), which are a no (jacket and shorts). 
  • Education is a big one for me. Schools and college are not in sync with the current world. A simple example, we all have to go to meetings but there is no training at school. There are different ways of thinking and being, of personalities while school only rewards some type of and leave the others behind. The most viewed TED presentation is about education 
  • Strange investigates the things we take for granted and shake them a little to understand if there is really something behind. For example, why is dessert always a the end of a meal, could it be at an "antipasti"?
Productivity is my passion, I'm lazy and don't like to do the same thing multiple time. I use GTD as a methodology to remember what to do but also all the promises made to a customer. I always try to  find a better use of tools in my life :)

How do I? is a section where I present solutions to problems I've solved. Problems can be technical IT, productivity or anything else. Probably short posts

Thanks to read :)
a bientot