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How keep your new year resolution? Share!

Hello everyone!
Today is Friday, and as every Friday in the last month I'm writing a blog article.

Today's article is special, it exists because a friend told me "It's Friday, I'll have something to read in your blog".
Oups, today has been a complicated day, with lots of work, stress and unexpected things, I had completly forgot about the blog, but now I HAVE to write an article, because you (at least one of you) is waiting for it.

Sharing your goals, your resolutions, creating anticipation will help do things! I've made a promise to someone, and I keep my promises, so here I am, writing this short article.

This concept can be applied to many things and it helps committing and after lots of forced commit, you'll have a new habit. I hope that in some month, writing something on my blog will be as natural as brushing my teeth!

less than 10 minutes to write and I feel better with myself, try it, it works.

If you have ideas or examples to add to this article, write them in the comments.

a bientot